The English blog which explains lawyer’s Japanese work.


Why started this blog

I’m going to think I want a person of the world to know about lawyer’s Japanese practical business affair and a Japanese judicial system widely and write this blog.

For about 20 years, I’m experiencing a Japanese law practical business affair after I become a lawyer.

So what kind of work a Japanese average lawyer is doing, if, I think it’s in the viewpoint with which you can talk about saying.

Further, I’m not so good at English.

So basically, this blog is being also translated using English translation at a website.


What kind of work is a Japanese lawyer doing?

It’s divisible into the genre of the lawyer’s Japanese work big, and there are law service for individuals and law service for corporations.

Many general Japanese are called a lawyer, and it’s law service for individuals to imagine it.

A lawyer is ordinary people’s supporter until I become a lawyer, too, and I’m an individual, would, every, I thought it was settled.

Now, what would you have for lawyer’s Japanese law service for individuals?

There are 5 of over law service for individuals and big field of a Japanese lawyer.

It can be said but that a debt arrangement event, bankruptcy event, a traffic accident event, a divorce event and a succession event are 5 fields on which many Japanese lawyers are working.


About bankruptcy case

I think bankruptcy event is probably also the field which is a tape measure as lawyer’s law service by foreign countries.

It’s the law borrowed from cancellation based on a law as a bankrupt law, isn’t it?

When an individual went bankrupt, it’s possible to borrow money from a zero.
A corporation will also become extinct instead of a debt’s becoming a zero when a corporation went bankrupt.

A lawyer concerns bankruptcy event at 2 viewpoints in the field of bankruptcy event. It’s the 1st pattern to concern bankruptcy event as the lawyer who does bankruptcy statement.
Another pattern is requested by a courthouse to an alleged bankruptcy event and is the viewpoint where the bankruptcy event is settled. The role of settling bankruptcy event is called a bankruptcy administrator.
Bankruptcy administrator’s work is to make all assets of the person who went bankrupt or the company which went bankrupt cash. It’s also work to divide the cash among a law to a creditor as it was decided.




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